Accesos Holográficos extensive expertise, manufacturing and development technology has implemented solutions in different countries to modernize operations, increase tax collection, improve security and efficiency in several programs such as:

Vehicle control

  • Vehicular control and registration programs
  • License plates and stickers
  • Vehicular Taxes and duties
  • Vehicular pollution control programs
  • Registration cards
  • Public transportation programs
  • Driver's license
  • Traffic tickets
  • Cross border temporary admittance or permanent importation of foreign vehicles
  • Video and speed surveillance
  • Stickers and toll devices
  • Electronic toll systems

Security Government Forms

  • Standardized forms for government programs
  • Tax duties and receipts
  • Civil registry records
  • Labels for gasoline pumps and scales
  • Tax labels for wines, liquors, tobacco and pharmaceutical industry

Identity Documents

  • Passports and visas
  • Drivers licenses
  • Social security and health cards
  • Government social support programs

Loyalty Programs

  • Self-service and department stores
  • Insurance companies
  • Airlines

Authentication, Inventory control and Traceability

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Wines and Liquors
  • Tobbaco
  • Textil and Fashion Industry
  • Footwear Industry
  • Home Appliances